Ballon D’or and the social media ramblers!

The FIFA Ballon D’Or has come and quite expectedly the diminutive man from Argentina, who perhaps is more famous as a Barcelona player than a South American footballer, was four the fourth time awarded the most coveted individual trophy in global soccer. It is pointless making a recant of all his achievements in the year under review, coupled with his seemingly endless ability to create wonders (for the right reasons unlike some mo-hawk wearing fellow who keeps wondering ‘why always him’) on the pitch his name echoes even as far as the Samoa Islands.

However, i have a bit of a problem with some of my social media friends and foes who have taken it upon themselves to re-create awards in their heads and hand out these awards to their gleefully imagined winners. Of what use would FIFA and its selection team (which comprises renowned coaches and captains) be if the myriad of often times incoherent tweets are what was required to pick a world 11 or Ballon D’or? The classic problem with Nigeria has always been the issue of too many ramblers and too few doers, it is for this same reason that the Nigerian soccer mien has wallowed into the mire of despair because everybody comes to the kitchen with his own individual recipe and insists on having his soup cooked with the only available ingredients.

Agreed that there were some players who were good in the year under review and probably if the game of football were reviewed to a 13 man team game would have made it, but people who have far more experience in the administration and management of the round leather game voted and decided. That should count for something, it is right to express your views and state your sentiments with respect to issues but it is another making public your lack of respect for far more enlightened personalities. I am almost certain that it the social media band (Nigerian chapter) were given the sole right to make decision on the World 11 and Ballon D’or, players like Osaze Odemwingie, Mikel Obi and even the late Rashidi Yekini would have made the cut and in true fashion they would defend their ignominious selections without reason.

While i did not set out to cause rancor amongst the ever growing rank of noise-making din-creating action-less social media crowd in Nigeria, i honestly hope some would understand the need for this sense of respect I have called for.

So my congratulations goes out to Messi and my condolences to Chelsea (Don’t ask me why)

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